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Writing’s my jam, but I also love to talk shop. You see, there’s a whole lotta sitting at my desk, squinting my eyes and concentrating on the project in front of me. It’s good to break up the routine – give me a call! I am happy to have a conversation with you about your project and business goals. From the time you reach out, I will make you a priority. But in order to do that, you’ll need to request a consultation… you know… today.

During the initial consulation, you do the talking. I want to listen to you – find out your goals, your needs and your metrics for success.

After I have your background information, I’ll develop a written proposal and we can go from there. If you’re interested in a la carte services, that works, too! Flexibility is my middle name.

For new business inquiries, it’s super easy to request a consultation. Please email, text or call me at 518-651-5352. You can also fill out the below form. This form collects your personal information for point of contact. I will not use it for any other reason or give your information to anyone. Scout’s honor.

You can also request a consultation by reaching me through my LinkedIn profile. See… so many options!

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