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Inspired by our customers and partners across a wide range of industries, at CheekySkirt Media, it is our pleasure to provide exemplary service to everyone. When it comes to our story, through and through, you better believe, we love what we do… And that means content and copywriting, digital marketing, website design, social media, connections to the media, a thorough understanding of corporate communications, public relations, and a whole lot more.

With an eye on what’s next, we endeavor to share stories people want to hear and our goal is to consistently deliver positive results. And here’s the best part about our story: we have a blast doing it and we love to see your happy faces when we share those positive results. For the backstory, scroll down.

Kate Tulloch-Hammond

Chief Storyteller

From one-red-light-towns to midwestern suburbs, Kate grew up moving around with her family—usually staring out the back end of a station wagon. Throughout her life, Kate kept that gypsy spirit alive, living in places like Nantucket, Portsmouth, Lake Placid, Charleston, Saratoga Springs, and finally settling in a little Gulf Coast town just west of Tampa.

Professionally, she loves working in communications and public relations, having been the behind-the-scenes face of many an organization. A graduate of the College of Charleston with a degree in communications, Kate founded CheekySkirt Media in 2015. What began as CheekySkirt, a blog she started to share the funny things about everyday life, quickly turned into a side venture.

She gained a fast following and soon had businesses asking her to write for them—enter CheekySkirt Media, a Tampa Bay public relations and brand development agency specializing in SEO content, copywriting, social media, website design and development, and public relations.

Kate lives in Dunedin, Florida, with her husband and two obnoxious dogs whose only mission in life is to keep her away from work.

Our Story

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

From the sometimes-glamorous to the often-getting-down-and-dirty-ripped-jeans-nitty-gritty, at CheekySkirt Media, our story means we put our hearts, souls, blood, sweat and tears into every aspect of the job.


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CheekySkirt Media - What We Do

Our Story: What Box?

We’re often asked, “How did CheekySkirt Media” get started? Why the name CheekySkirt? Is CheekySkirt derogatory toward women?

The boring answer… In 2014, after years of working in corporate America, writing press releases, articles on outsourcing destinations, and c-suite profiles, I needed to enjoy writing again. I needed to unlearn “status quo.” I needed to get the fuck out of the box.

I started a blog about my life, made a whole lotta fun of my husband (easy target and he let me), went on and on and on about my dogs, and for some who-the-flip-knows-why reason, I gained a following… almost overnight. Unintentionally.

People from all over the world were reaching out to me and sharing how much they enjoyed my blog and more importantly, how much they could relate to it.

A year later, I had a digital marketing company from Chicago asking me to write for them, and from there, more and more clients were coming my way.

CheekySkirt the blog became CheekySkirt Media.

Who the fuck knew?

Why CheekySkirt? Why the fuck not?

Is it derogatory toward women? Why? How? Let me put it this way… CheekySkirt has been the most empowering gift in my life, and from what I can tell, a whole lot of other people’s lives, too.

Well, that’s a little bit of our story and why we do what we do. And with that, I need wine.